Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting, Pixie by SAL


Using Pixie & Pixie Plus by SAL, smart lighting has never been easier.
Pixie offer a range of digital switches and dimmers to control your lighting via Bluetooth (Pixie) or Internet connection (Pixie Plus).

Pixie Plus is an affordable choice for home lighting automation, using the internet and the Pixie Gateway you can control your lighting devices from anywhere in the world.

  • Manage devices via individual control
  • Simultaneously control a group of up to 32 Pixie devices
  • Schedule your lights – Great security feature
  • Create pre-set lighting scenes
  • Countdown – Turn-off timer

Call into our showroom for a demonstration about how we can introduce Smart Lighting into your home.

 Smart Lighting, ikuu by Mercator


Mercator ikuu is simple to install, quick to set up and easy to use. the intuitively designed app and broad range of affordable luxury products provide a convenient way to create an entirely personalised system that works the way you want.

With Mercator ikuu, you can easily upgrade to a smart home system without replacing existing non-smart products

Mercator ikuu switches,power points and the smart universal remote (infrared blaster) can transform existing non-smart products, such as lights, TVs and air conditioners into smart products controlled via the app or voice.

    Call into our showroom for a demonstration about how we can introduce ikuu Smart Lighting into your home.