Exterior Lighting

Lights Plus has an extensive range of exterior lights that are suitable for many varied outdoor applications. Planned and efficient exterior lighting gives the benefits of improved safety and security as well as visually enhancing the area.

Wall lights are designed to illuminate and enhance the appearance of wall, ceiling and architectural structures. Depending on the product selected they can eliminate glare, create visual continuity and wall ‘grazing’ lighting effects.

Step lights are a discreet range of fittings suitable for low level lighting featuring a light distribution to effectively illuminate paths, walkways and stairways.

Garden & Landscape Lighting

Our range of inground LED garden uplights covers a diverse range of landscape lighting applications ranging from the illumination of garden beds, perimeter lighting or general lighting of pathways and entertainment areas.

Bollard and post lights are ideal for providing general lighting to pathways, driveways and other open outdoor spaces.

From the contemporary to the traditional Lights Plus can supply the full range of Drive-Over Inground Lights, Walk-Over LED Uplights, Inground Garden Uplights, Inground Garden Spotlights and Bollard and Post Lights.

Lights Plus Designer Lighting – Exterior Range