Ceiling Fans

There is nothing quite like the cooling breeze created by a ceiling fan. Lights Plus supply the full range of modern or traditional ceiling fans in three, four or five blade styles and a variety of diameters to suit your needs.

Optional centre light, reversible action for winter warming and a variety of timber, aluminium, and ABS blades in a range of colours we can cater for all of your ceiling fan requirements. Remotes can also be adapted to all ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fans are fast becoming a design feature for indoor and outdoor rooms with many designs on the market.

We have a large range of DC fans in store.
Why use a DC Fan?
DC Ceiling Fans are more energy efficient then AC Ceiling Fans.
Due to their brushless motors DC Fans are also extremely quiet and often aren’t as heavy as AC ceiling fans. This often results in a more slimline design.
All DC fans are supplied with a remote control with a conveniently located winter/summer switch.


Did you know?

Most ceiling fans have a winter/summer switch. Their rotation direction can changed by the flick of a switch.

All our fans come with an optional reverse cycle action. In Summer, your fan circlulates the air resulting in a cool breeze. In Winter, by reversing the fan rotation the warm air is pushed from your ceiling down along the walls of the room.

This keeps the room warmer & reduces heating costs. White without light.

Lights Plus Designer Lighting – Ceiling Fan Range