Down Lights

There are many different types of down-lights available, in the way of colour and shape.

Recessed or surface mount, there are many LED down lights on the market today to provide you with the perfect lighting output. Practical or feature lighting, we’ve got a down-light design to suit your requirements.

All down-lights are now available in your dedicated LED technology, this means no more changing blown globes.

Their small size and the pleasant light they produce, makes down-lights suitable for use in all rooms of your house.

Their bright light makes them ideal for task lighting in kitchens and living areas.

Where a softer light is required, for instance in a bedroom, then a dimmer switch can be used for variable ambiance.

Selected down-lights can also be installed under the eaves of your house for external lighting effects, safety and security.

Lights Plus Designer Lighting – LED Downlight Range