By design

Lighting is one of the most critical factors in the way a home looks and works. From the welcoming porch light to the reassuring night light, from the kitchen task light to the angled desk lamp we rely unthinkingly on lighting for efficiency, safety and security in every sphere of our lives.

Good lighting makes the difference between a room which is bland and dull, and one that is sparkling with life.

Lighting can soothe and relax, create intimacy and points of interest, heighten atmosphere and enhance decoration. Lighting can transform your home at the flick of a light switch. Everyone accepts the practical importance of lighting, but few appreciate its creative potential. Choice of lighting is often one of the last decisions made when decorating or designing a room, when in fact it ought to be one of the very first.

Even with an existing scheme it is easy to overlook those simple inexpensive alterations that can vastly improve our perception of space. Light fittings shape, direct and control light in different ways, many are suited to certain tasks or locations but not to others. Recently the range of options for domestic lighting has broadened considerably.

The scope for creating lighting effects has never been greater.

Visit Lights Plus and take advantage of the popular lighting design service. Bring in your plans, photos or sketches and we’ll design a complete lighting package with you in store.

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